What types of exercise should we do? Here are the facts that I found:  
  • We need to do 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise everyday.  This kind of exercise includes walking fast(4.5 miles/hour, running (5 miles/hour, bicycling (more than 10 miles/hour, swimming (free style laps), aerobics, competitive basketball, singles tennis.
  • We need to keep our muscles strong by doing strengthening exercises at least 2 times every week.  This can include such things as playing on playground equipment, climbing trees, and playing tug-of-war, or structured activities such as lifting weights or working with resistance bands.
  • We need to do bone strengthening exercises at least 3 times every week.  This type of exercise produces a force on the bones that promotes bone growth and strength. This force is commonly produced by impact with the ground. Running, jumping rope, basketball, tennis, and hopscotch are all examples of bone strengthening activities. As these examples illustrate, bone-strengthening activities can also be aerobic and muscle-strengthening.